Why do people are preferring pink salt to normal salt?

Pink-colored salt, also known as Himalayan salt for its origin has emerged as an alternative for table salt for better health benefits.

Salt, primarily composed of sodium chloride, is a crystalline compound that is essential for cooking. People consider less salty food as tasteless. There is a constant conflict between table salt and pink salt. In this article, we will try to clear those conflicts. So, without further delay, let’s get into the details of why many people prefer Himalayan salt to normal salt.

Difference between normal and pink salt:

Although formulated from similar ingredients, pink salt contains higher mineral content than the normal table salt. Due to higher iron content, the color is pinkish-red. Pink salt is originally extracted from Khewra salt-mine, located in the Himalayan region. Thus it is named Himalayan salt. This mine is regarded as one of the largest and oldest mines globally.Local people say the first salt was extracted around the year 1200.

Pink salt is a natural salt:

The refining process of table salt is complicated. Various anti-cake or anti-clumping agents are added to prevent clumping. Some of these compounds are magnesium carbonate and sodium aluminosilicate. The extraction process of pink salt is also different and done manually without adding any additives. So, Himalayan salt is more natural than widely used table salt.

Pink salt contains higher mineral content:

High mineral content is essential for various biochemical pathways along with detoxification. Toxins and free radicals need to be removed from the body which, after accumulation causes oxidative stress.

Pink salt aids in digestion:

The major benefit provided by pink salt is the maintenance of pH inside the body. This helps for efficient digestion. Sodium supplied from pink salt helps in overall homeostasis in the body.

Other benefits of pink salt:

Pink salt is believed to promote sleep quality. It helps in respiratory disease also. The sore throat can be cured by gargling warm salt water. Pink salt helps to improve libido. It also reduces the signs of aging.

Pink salt aids in hydration:

Pink salt promotes energy and hydration power. Sportspersons need to stay hydrated everytime and as they sweat more, they need more electrolytes in the body. Pink salt is a natural exfoliator improving skin health.

Risks associated with pink salt:

Salt is required for the proper functioning of the human body. However, excess or insufficiency can lead to severe consequences. The thyroid gland is crucial for the human body which requires iodine, often obtained from iodized table salt. But, if a person consumes only pink salt, then he would not get sufficient iodine as it is the extremely purest form of salt. Moreover, excess pink salt consumption can lead to elevated blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, and liver damage.

In conclusion, salt should be enjoyed in moderation only.

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