What would 7 minutes of self-care look like?

Every day needs a fresh start- so, dump your stress or tensions before going to bed and wake up with a happy soul. 

We do not hesitate to discuss health care with the folks, but self-care needs more attention- it isn’t selfish but necessary. By the way, is self-care limited to beauty and body shape? No, it involves the routine of activities we follow to have a better lifestyle.

Let us jump into the part where we discuss the seven segmented minutes of self-care in a day.

Start your day with a good 60 seconds’ exercise. Doing this increases the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain. In other words, the idea behind a one-minute workout- stretch out your body and let it loose to increase your heart rate to generate more energy for the day.

Figure out the to-do list for the day. It is the next activity in the routine- train your mind for the long day. Chalk out things to do from your calendar and map your mind accordingly. In short, we must use 60 seconds to navigate your mind for the day’s execution.

Treat yourself to healthy yet fun breakfast items. We hate to agree: healthy foods energise us the most. It can be boring to prepare and eat the same old recipe every day. There are many fun and healthy breakfast recipes available online. All you need to do is find something that suits your tastebuds and try them out.

Spend a minute in a day to appreciate every small achievement in life. By doing this, you get to receive positive energy and a sense of motivation to move forward in life. Once in a while, it is an important gesture that we review every accomplishment and failure in life. This self-care activity will help us stay focused and achieve good things in the long run.

Grab a book on self-care and give it a one minute read every day. It is a nourishing activity- read lines that boosts your creativity and improve potentiality. You can highlight the lines or quotes that will motivate you whenever you feel low.

Write about your motivations and achievements for future reference. While revisiting your success, you feel an adrenaline rush through your veins. It makes you nostalgic and triggers inspiration for creating something new; record it for further reference.

Take a moment and exhale the stress out. We must never hit the snooze button whenever we feel rushed or stressed because we cannot be productive. It gets vital to take a minute of time-out, sit silently and calm down.

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