Wat Sam Phran: Know about The Dragon Temple in Thailand

Wat Sam Phran is an unusual temple in Thailand that is overlooked by most tourists.

The massive structure is wrapped in the coils of a dragon, making it unique as well as mysterious.

Moreover, it boasts some intriguing stories that leave the visitors in awe.

Thailand is home to thousands of majestic Buddhist temples that attract tourists from all across the world. But if you crave some out-of-the-ordinary experiences, then head to the magnificent Wat Sam Phran located in the Nakhon Pathom province, near Bangkok. This pink-colored temple is 17-story and, as mentioned earlier, is wrapped in a huge red-and-green dragon statue – which might seem more interesting if you are a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan, LOL! Also, there are several other features that make the entire structure an architectural wonder.

History of Wat Sam Phran

There is little to no information regarding the history of Wat Sam Phran. It’s still unknown when or by whom the temple was built. However, it was officially registered in the year 1985. The construction took five years to complete, and it initially served as a spot for Buddhist monks to study as well as meditate.

How to get there

The temple is located in the Amphoe Sam Phran area of Nakhon Pathom Province, which is just outside of Bangkok. So, it’s a no-brainer that visiting there is not a difficult task. The most convenient option is to take a taxi from Bangkok, which requires around 30 minutes to reach the destination.

Opening hours & entrance fee

Wat Sam Phran remains open for tourists from 6 am to 6 pm every day. However, it’s advised to visit on the weekend to get the best experience. There is no entrance fee, but you can surely donate something for the maintenance.

The dragon is made of iron and glass fiber

The dragon sculpture that wraps the main building from bottom to top is completely hollow inside. It symbolizes one’s journey from hell to paradise, and also how the human spirit can evolve through meditation. It also represents good fortune according to Chinese beliefs. Moreover, the dragon’s five claws symbolize the five moral precepts in Buddhism. There’s a long tunnel inside its body that allows the visitors to climb to the top of the building.

The temple complex houses several other structures

The complex is packed with small temples, animal statues, living quarters, meditation spots, and food stalls. Also, there is a giant Buddha statue made of bronze. The area mostly remains less crowded, making it an ideal place for those looking for solitude.

Good to know

The height of this temple – 80 meters – symbolizes the age of Lord Buddha when he died. Also, it has 16 floors that symbolize the 16 material levels of the Brahma Loka.

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