Versatile Use of Cucumber on Face

Cucumber works therapeutically on exhausted and greasy skin making it cool, supple and fresh


Cucumber has a plethora of benefits for facial skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, Vitamin C and folic acid can remedy a host of skin troubles. The inexpensive fruit is an amazing option for impromptu DIY masks and facial treatments for adding instant glow to skin right before rushing to a party.

Since cucumber contains 96 percent water, it acts as a superb base for hydration. You can infuse it with other beauty products—lotions, serums, aloe vera gel, to intrinsically moisturise your skin and make it radiant.

A Soothing Cucumber Mask

 Cucumber mask is a hassle-free way to nourish the skin. Make a pure out of cucumber slices and add yoghurt to it. You have innumerable options to mix with this puree: aloe vera, besan, almond paste, tomato, multani mitti, lemon, honey and neem. The mask yields medicinal benefits if you have acne-prone, dry and brittle, irritated and puffy skin. An exhausting lifestyle could easily lead to swelling and puffy eyes which could be healed by cucumber mask.

For breakouts, nagging blemishes and acne, the mask could be diluted with essential oils. When rubbed directly on the acne-ravaged areas, you could experience the best results.

Homemade Cooling Cucumber Toner 

DIY cucumber toner has a balmy effect on sunburnt and tanned skin. The toner is a boon if you are suffering from excess oily skin which dampens glow and radiance. In that case, the daily application of the toner would be a tremendous relief! It would maintain the pH spectrum besides reducing oil and sealing hydration. If you are preparing for a long day, frequently spraying the toner on face would keep you refreshed without smudging the make-up.

Among the other distinct benefits of cucumber toner, its ability to control fine lines and wrinkles is commendable. It restricts the damage of elastin to retain more hyaluronic acid for youthful skin. The toner is handy for minor burns and dull skin.

 Replenishing Rinse for Tired Skin

 Cucumber water can be used to wash your skin after it has been assaulted by sun, heat, pollution and dirt. Simply splash the water in which you have soaked cucumber slices. The potion is a blessing during humid, sultry summer days for you would instantly receive fresh and bright skin after a few splashes. The frequency of breakouts is considerably reduced in the long run. Nonetheless, ensure that this water is not more than a day old.


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