Valley Run 2021: The Winners This Year

The eighth edition of the racing event recently took place in Lonavala, Mumbai

Since 2020 because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, most of the motorsport events were cancelled, not merely in India but all over the earth. However, the drought ended for the Mumbai city residents a few weeks ago when the eighth volume of the Valley Run returned to the Aamby Valley airstrip in Lonavala, Mumbai. The return of the drag racing event prompted a grin to the faces of the automobile enthusiasts, and over 500 of them with high-end cars and motorcycles reached the venue to take part in the quarter-mile racing event.

From custom made KTM Dukes to Lamborghinis, the event was swamped with different kinds of high-performance vehicles. Apart from racing, team Throttle 97 and the Supercar Club of India organized drifting shows in the adjacent paddock areas. Furthermore, team Throttle 97 also coordinated a car parade which saw 30 high-performance cars taking part and a number of them travelled all the way to Lonavala from Visakhapatnam.

Back to the event, which racer won in which division? Read on to know all about the champions of the Valley Run 2021.

Fastest motorcycle- The fastest motorcycle in the event was a specially tuned BMW S1000RR that concluded the quarter-mile track race in a thunder-quick 9.5222 seconds.

Fastest car- While the S1000RR proved its calibre in the two-wheeler category, the fastest four-wheeler at the occasion was a Nissan GT-R that clocked a time of 10.43 seconds to cover the quarter-mile race.

Fastest Indian motorcycle- The fastest overall time set by a motorcycle was a modified Yamaha RD350. The rider reached the finish line in an impressive 11.951 seconds.

Fastest Indian car- The award for being the fastest Indian car on the track was accomplished by a modified Skoda Octavia RS. The RS clocked a blistering 13.075 seconds to settle the race.

Fastest diesel car- A BMW 530D became the fastest diesel car on the track and clocked an overall time of 12.886 seconds.

Fastest female rider- Samantha D’Souza became the fastest female rider of the weekend who completed the race in 13.880 seconds on a customized KTM Duke 390.

Fastest female driver- The fastest female driver of the week award went to Divya Debi Prasad Das who covered the quarter-mile race in a tuned Skoda Octavia RS 230 within 14.211 seconds.

Last but not least, since the event was cancelled last year; a second round of the drag racing game is expected to take place in the month of December 2021.

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