Travel Tips for First-Time Flyers

Flying could be daunting but an extremely systematic process if you think of it


Essentials that you would need to access during the flight—medicines, glasses, documents, should be kept inside the carry-on bag. Also, pay heed to the announcements, and if needed strike conversations with a fellow co-passenger to navigate through the protocols without glitches.

 Be Specific about Booking your Preferred Seats

If you have personal preferences or medical conditions that require you to sit in a specific way, do not depend on the airline authorities to choose one before you board. Be it the aisle, middle or window, selecting the seats when purchasing the ticket becomes imperative to make the journey a wee bit comfortable. Even if you were denied the options to select, log into the airline website as soon as you have bought the tickets.

Review the Items Allowed in Baggage

Besides regulating the stipulated weight of luggage, as a first-time flyer, you would also need to know the long list of dos and don’ts that airlines allow in luggage. There is absolutely no leniency by the authorities if you happen to carry any of these items; such as knives and weapons, aerosols, electric devices that cannot be switched off, dry cell batteries etc. Glimpse through these instructions thoroughly to avoid hassles.

Pack Identification Details and Valid Documents

Airlines could be fussy with ID proof and, therefore, be sure to carry the pre-requisites as mentioned on the website and ticket. You will need it to cross through the multiple checkpoints. Also, be mindful about re-packing the documents every time you show them. Chances of discarding those at the counter are pretty high because of all the flurry of activities and cacophonies that would easily distract you.

Adhere to the Unwritten Flight Etiquettes 

It is expected to feel a bit overwhelmed when you are onboarding for the first time all alone and worst if you are supervising another first-time flyer. In that case, make sure to respect a few unwritten codes of courtesy on flights.

A few ground rules are –

• Keeping the aisle free by pacing up
• Giving away the armrest to the person in the middle seat
• Putting phone on silence
• Using headphones
• Avoiding unnecessarily reclining the seat in an already cramped space

Downloading the airline app further eases the entire process since you easily view seat availability, boarding pass options, navigate the routes etc. All relevant data could be accessed and navigated easily, making the journey seem bit less intimidating.

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