Tips to Cover Employment Gaps

To avoid future concerns about the gaps in work history 

Employment gaps on CV are generally perceived negatively, and when not explained or evaluated properly are counted as red flags by recruiters and HRs. Here are a few alternatives that could mitigate the negative impacts of deepening fissures left in between jobs.

Look for Contractual Work

Employers tend to question competency of candidates with gaps. Many would assume that the candidate is lacking in relevant skills. To alleviate the scenario, do not hesitate to sign up for contractual work by networking directly with former colleagues, superiors and acquaintances. You could as well glance through websites that deal with part-time projects. Temporary work would help you to represent yourself positively on the CV.

Detailing about the skills you learnt, writing about the projects you were involved in, responsibilities you shouldered and goals you accomplished during this phase would come across as legitimate points for the employers to consider.

Enrol in a Course

Upskilling and accomplishing new academic feats would come in handy when you talk about the gaps and intervals. You could always showcase certificates and work samples that would testify to your capability and eligibility for the position you are applying for.

Investing in certification courses should be based on prior research on the anticipated growth or demand of their utilisation. Check the job websites to evaluate which skills are relevant and worthy of your investment.

Branch Out on Your Own

 A unique and novel way to fill the gap is by venturing out by yourself. Signing up for freelancing work and networking with clients could be a productive start. Since an array of social networking sites are now at disposal, you would not face major hindrances in displaying your work. Professional networking sites and social media platforms could equally prove beneficial to increase the popularity of your works and projects.

Becoming a creator—one with a repository of knowledge and interesting opinions, would give you enough materials to explain the gap and a lifetime of opportunity to reconnect with old contacts. The outreach strategy is all-pervasive irrespective of the domain or industry.

Explain Family-Related Hurdles Separately

If you are frequently resorting to family as an excuse for job shifts and long intervals, it might not bode well for you. Therefore, be confident to demarcate neatly family and non-personal issues. Be clear about the career side-trips, volunteering activities and entrepreneurship endeavours you were committed to. This will harp on your strength as a potential future employee.

Career gaps should be elucidated well in cover letters too.

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