Vikas Khanna took to Twitter to share a video that shows Guneet Monga visiting Amritsar's Golden Temple with her Oscar trophy.

Producer Guneet Monga and director Kartiki Gonsalves created history after their film Elephant Whispers won an Oscar under the Best Documentary Short Film category. Since their win, posts about the two have flooded social media. Amid those, a special share by celebrity chef Vikas Khanna has left people with a warm feeling in their hearts. The video shows him accompanying the Oscar-winning producer to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Khanna’s mother also accompanied them on this journey.

“When the daughter of India, conquers the World & comes back home. This has to be one of the most emotional journeys of my life watching @guneetm pay her tribute to her ancestors. Guneet you have given hope to dreamers,” Vikas Khanna wrote as he posted the video.

The video shows Vikas Khanna's mom driving him and Guneet Monga to Amritsar. As the clip progresses, they are seen visiting the Golden Temple to pay their respect. At one point, the producer is seen standing besides the holy sarovar holding her Oscar trophy and portraying a beautiful smile.

Turns out, the driving force behind Guneet Monga’s visit to the Golden Temple was Vikas Khanna’s mother. In an earlier Instagram post, the celebrity chef mentioned how his mother promised to drive Monga to the temple if she won an Oscar.

“From being a dreamer to becoming one of the most powerful producers in the World. Here it is to you Guneet, you made every Indian wealthier. My Ma had said 2 months ago that if Guneet wins an Oscar, I’ll drive her to The Golden Temple,” he shared as he posted a video showing him and his mother welcoming Monga home.

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The Twitter post, shared a few hours ago, has accumulated close to 12,000 views. The share has also gathered more than 400 likes. People posted various comments while reacting to the video.

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“Incredible,” posted a Twitter user. “Congrats Queen!!” shared another. “Congrats. Beautiful. Humility is the core foundation of all virtues,” expressed a third. “That is a very beautiful video indeed,” wrote a fourth.

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