At a time when electric vehicles are increasingly becoming a viable option for those who want to beat high fuel prices, a person from West Bengal has modified his car to run on solar power. Manojit Mandal, a businessman from the state, showcased his old Tata Nano car which runs entirely on solar power and does not even have an engine. His car has gone viral on social media after news agency PTI shared a video of the red Nano with roof-mounted solar panels.

Solar-powered cars are not a new concept. There are carmakers around the world who have tried to build vehicles with solar panels on top which reduces dependency on costly lithium-ion batteries for charge. However, the modified Nano is a simpler version of the technology that offers value for money as well as the convenience of driving an electric car.

Manojit Mondal, a businessman by profession, drives around the streets of Bankura in his Tata Nano solar-powered car. This petrol-free solar car costs around ₹30 to run for 100 kms. Since there is no engine, the car is also silent, just like electric vehicles. The Nano solar car can run at a top speed of 80 kmph.

Manojit said there was little acceptance of his experiment as he did not get much cooperation from the government. But he decided to stick to his creative urge, which he had since he was a child. It helped him modify his Tata Nano to relieve him from buying petrol, price of which has spiralled manifold within the last few years to all-time high.

Nano is a compact hatchback launched by Tata Motors back in 2008. However, due to stricter emission norms, Tata had to discontinue India's smallest car ever in 2018. Nano was also the most affordable car in India with its starting price within ₹1 lakh (ex-showroom).

Tata Nano used to be offered with one of the smallest engines an Indian car had. The twin cylinder 624cc unit could generate 38 PS of maximum power. The four-seater Nano came only with manual gearbox.

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