Humans, on average, live around 70 years, much more in some countries. But in the animal kingdom, despite the lack of any medications and with the rule of the jungle, some animals can easily outlast humans and live a lot longer. Read on to know more about such animals.

?Immortal Jellyfish

Turritopsisdohrnii, a species of jellyfish, was discovered by scientists in 1883. But it took them more than a century to understand that the jellyfish is capable of living forever. When faced with events such as injury or famishment, the jellyfish has the ability to revert to its youngest form. It transforms into a cyst, and that form can then produce polyps, the babies that can grow again into full form!

?Giant Tortoise

Aldabra tortoise is native to Madagascar and can easily live beyond 100 years. The oldest tortoise is believed to have lived past 250 years. In fact, these tortoises have not been observed correctly due to the fact that they outlived the scientists observing them! Now that?s some feat.


The reptile found in New Zealand is said to live up to a century in its natural habitat. They are extremely slow-growing reptile and doesn?t mature till 13-20 years. Their ability to live longer is supported by abilities such as stop breathing activity for an hour and not being affected by the cold environment. Uniquely, they have a third eye on top of the head, hidden under the skin but can detect light.

?Bowhead whale

The second-largest whale after the blue whale, the Bowhead whale, has been observed to live past 200 years. In mammals, it?s number one in terms of lifespan. Scientists have found the true age estimation after studying the eye lens of the whale and harpoon points buried in these whales.


This is a carp variety of fish and is often domesticated due to its beauty. If they are cared well and are of good genetic composition, they can easily live past 100 years. In fact, Hanako, a pet Koi fish, is said to have lived 226 years. The scientists came to an accurate estimation of its age after studying the microscopic rings on her scales.


Winston Churchill?s pet parrot, Charlie, is said to have lived past 100 years. Generally, parrots can live around 60 years. Like giant tortoises, it?s difficult to accurately estimate the age of centenarian parrots, though.


In a domesticated environment, flamingos can live past 40 years. However, an Adelaide Zoo Flamingo, Greater lived till 83 years and survived both world wars.