The Vastu Shastra Of Wearing And Keeping Shoes

The art of putting on shoes and how it affects your day to day life – according to Vastu Shastra

You must have heard your grandmothers complain about the way you open and leave your shoes inside the house after returning from school. But with time, all the rules and regulations disappeared as none of the scary consequences in made up stories could scare you anymore. But is it really true that shoes may affect your life? Let us find out!

There is a saying, shoes attract luck. Both good and bad depending on how you treat them. According to astrology, everything that goes on in your life has something to do with planets revolving around us. In the same way, footwear is related to the planet Saturn. It may be the same reason that people suffering from the wrath of Saturn are asked to donate shoes.

The sastras believe that when things go haywire in life leading to endless misfortune, you can connect it to the way you handle your shoes. Wrong footware brings bad luck. When the whole theory of footwear was invented, scholars decided on how to wear shoes and keep them.

One of the teachings was that one should never wear stolen shoes or receive footwear as a gift. It is believed such footwear is linked to the person who owns it, and you will lose out on luck and prosperity on wearing the footwear.

When going for a new chapter in life or an interview, make sure you never wear torn footwear. It converts luck to misfortune and will be a locked gate blocking your success. If you don’t have anything, you should always borrow better footwear for the day.

Scholars advised against brown coloured footwear at all cost. Anything that resembles wood should be kept away when it comes to footwear.

Anyone related to the ayurvedic field should stay clear off blue footwear made of cloth. They should concentrate on other materials and colour to be made into shoes.

While dining, you should never have shoes on. It attracts negative energy in your life. When you are eating somewhere outside, loosen the strap, keep your boots beside you, and wear them after eating your food.

Vastu Sastra advises to open your shoes while entering a house and keeping them near the entrance. But if the door faces north or east direction, it is advised not to keep it there at all.

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