Tesla Model Y owner tries filling the EV with petrol. Elon Musk says this

Old habits die hard. This is an old saying and definitely applicable to some of the first-time owners of electric vehicles. A video clip has gone viral showing a Tesla Model Y owner trying to refill her electric crossover with petrol but feeling confused as she is not finding the refuelling cap on the vehicle.

The Tesla Model Y driver in the UK certainly shows how the EV owners are still trying to cope up with the new propulsion technology that draws energy from electricity, not fossil fuel. A tweet reveals that 22-year-old Danielle Wright pulled up her Tesla Model Y at a petrol pump and then frantically tried to locate the vehicle's fuel filler cap. With the refilling fuel nozzle in hand, she circled the EV to find the fuel cap door but felt confused as there was no such refuelling cap at all. The video shows that she only gave up when people repeatedly told her that it is an electric car and is powered by electricity, not by petrol.

The video quickly went viral and got more than 40 million views. It even caught the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk as well. While some people called the Tesla driver dumb and others claimed the video was staged, Elon Musk however defended her on Twitter, stating that it "happens from time to time" and that "habits die hard." Clearly, the Tesla CEO indicated at the fact that people are yet to get used to the new electric propulsion technology.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the Tesla Model Y owner said that the EV was very new when the video was taken, and her old habit of refuelling petrol cars at a fuel-filling station kicked in during the incident.

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