Strange Cat Behaviour And What They Mean

Understand your cat’s purr like a pro!

It is difficult being a pet parent, especially if they are cats. Animals don’t speak and as a result you have to observe them and their signs very carefully to really understand what’s going on them. Studies suggest that careful observation of the behaviour of animals could say a lot and help you understand them, their needs and their wants. Cats are usually very silent animals that tiptoe around your life unless you rile them up. They are serious most of the time and expect their owners to take them seriously as well. Here are some of the strangest behaviours of cats and what they actually mean.


Cats send out an intense noise by chattering their teeth. This usually happens when they spot a bird while looking out the window. According behaviour specialists, the chattering sound the cat makes in such a situation is to express their frustration on not being able to go out in order to hunt their prey. Chances are that they are either aggravated or excited in such situations. Others believe that this chattering sound could also be an indication of their natural instinct that prepares their muscles for the act of hunting their prey.

Chewing On Non-Edible Items

Another strange but common behaviour that can be seen in cats is chewing on items that can’t be counted as food. For example, you will find them latching on to and chewing on inedible items like plastic, metal, inedible plants, cloth or wool. Such behaviour could indicate a rare condition in your cats, called pica. The cause of this behavioural phenomenon is unknown but usually traced back to reasons like anaemia, hyperthyroidism, mineral deficiencies, stress, genetics and even boredom. It could be that you cat is just stressed or bored but it could also be a sign of some underlying health issue. Either way it is always wise to take your cat to a vet if you notice them exhibiting such behaviour.

Getting CozyIn Anything That Fits Their Size

Cats have the ability to find any comfortable corner that fits right into their size and get settles into that tight space. In fact, they could even ignore the cat bed you have so lovingly purchased and just go sit into a cardboard box that snugly and tight. It is because such small spaces make cats feel safe and secure.


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