Six Most Breathable Fabrics You Should Wear During Summer

With the great heat of the summer months comes great sweat. Some fabrics do not show sweat, and these are often breathable and help prevent sweat.

Breathable fabrics allow air to pass through them easily, speeding up sweat evaporation and keeping you cool. Moisture-wicking fabrics can also keep you dry and comfortable when sweating, but remember that not all breathable fabrics are moisture-wicking and vice versa. Below are six summer-friendly breathable fabrics for you to pick from.

Cotton, the crowd-pleaser

Cotton has to be the vanilla ice cream of fabrics. It is reliable and just what you need on a humid summer day. Cotton is not just breathable but also soft and durable. This fabric is an easy-care option and does not require any costly dry cleaning. If you sweat less when you are cooler, cotton is your go-to option.

Polyester, the hardworking fabric

Polyester is popularly used in activewear and workout clothing because it is breathable and lightweight. It is water-repellent, and instead of soaking your sweat on a hot summer day, it will allow the moisture on your skin to evaporate. The non-absorbent property of polyester prevents sweat from getting absorbed into the fabric.

Chambray, the breezy cousin of denim

While you might confuse them to be similar, denim is sturdier and denser, while chambray is lighter and airier. First and foremost, chambray is a cotton weave, and most people love cotton for the summer months. Second, it is woven using half the amount of strands as denim, making it less coarse, thinner, and breathable.

Nylon, the workout companion

Nylon is commonly used in activewear, but its breathable factor largely relies upon how the nylon is blended or made. Generally, nylon wicks away moisture instantly and dries quickly too.

Linen, the go-to summer fabric

This beloved go-to breathable fabric requires minimal care and offers excellent airflow owing to its open weaves and large fibres. Note that linen is 30 per cent stronger than cotton, and it gets softer with every wash.

Silk, the light-weight luxurious fabric

Silk is hands down a popular fabric choice for higher-end casual summer wear. Given that silk is not used for insulation, you might think silk is not breathable. While it is commonly described as luxurious, it is also breathable and lightweight, making it a great fabric for hot days.

Today’s apparel features numerous breathable fabric options and advantages, ranging from synthetic polyester to all-natural cotton options for you to choose from.

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