Rossi and his Best MotoGP records

Known as ‘The Doctor’, Valentino Rossi has covered 40,075 kilometres on the racing track which is tantamount to a round of the earth

Every youngster practically recognizes the call of Valentino Rossi in this world. In the world of MotoGP, there’s probably a few racers whose names we can write beside Rossi in terms of records. After all, the number of records, wins and trophies accomplished by him is insane. At 42, the Italian MotoGP racer has joined a new team for the season 2021 and is eyeing to win his 10th MotoGP world championship. As a tribute to the legendary Rossi, we’ve compiled a list of his finest records in MotoGP.

  • Valentino Rossi has gained nine championships across different MotoGP categories. Seven in the premier class, one in the 250cc category and one in the 125cc category.
  • Rossi won five consecutive championships in the premier category from 2001 to 2005.
  • Since 1996, Rossi has never missed a MotoGP race. He made his 125cc debut in Malaysia at Shah Alam.
  • In MotoGP, there are only two riders who have won titles with 2-stoke and 4-stroke engines. The first rider is Giacomo Agostini and the second rider is Valentino Rossi.
  • There are only three riders in MotoGP’s history who have won a title in the 125cc, 250cc and 500cc categories. Their names are Valentino Rossi, Phil Read, and Mike Hailwood.
  • In 2004, Valentino Rossi became the first rider in the sport’s history to win back-to-back Grand Prix on different motorcycles. He secured a season-opening Grand Prix in South Africa.
  • In 2004, Valentino Rossi became the second rider in the sport’s history to win consecutive premier titles with different constructors. Before him, Eddie Lawson was the first who won a title with Yamaha in 1988 and with Honda in 1989.
  • We know Rossi for not worrying about his injuries because his passion for racing is above everything else. In 2017, Valentino Rossi competed in the Aragon Grand Prix with a double leg break. In a treacherous condition, the legendary racer finished fifth.
  • To cover the entire circumference of the earth, Rossi took 23 seasons. In those 23 seasons, he stood on the podium 228 times and picked up the first position on 115 occasions.
  • Valentino Rossi is the only MotoGP racer in the world to reach the podium on over 100 occasions.
  • Last but not least, Rossi has won 77 races in the premier class category, which is more than any other racer in the sport’s history.

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