Reasons why you might be having random anger bursts

Sudden bursts of anger must not go unchecked.

Issues with anger is not to be dealt lightly. While it’s natural to feel annoyance and anger at something or someone, it is, however, not fun when you don’t know where the anger is coming from. Feeling irritated can make you angry. Not being able to do something can be another reason. But apart from that, when you feel angry out of the blue or for no reason at all, that’s calls for attention.

Here are reasons why you might be having random anger bursts.

Repressed emotions lead to angry outbursts

Bottling up emotions, whether it’s related to work, relationships, domestic vices, is never good. When expectations have not been made but you don’t voice them and keep them inside, hoping things will eventually work themselves out, tend to build up in sudden bursts of anger.

Anxiousness could be the reason for anger explosions

Remember the time when you yelled at your friend right before an interview? You weren’t mad at her; you were just anxious. Underlying anxiety often leads to anger explosions. Stress due to an upcoming event, work related anxiety etc could lead to random anger bursts.

Low blood sugar can make you hangry

Low blood sugar can make you angry. If it has been hours since you last ate, it is usual to snap at random, with no reason in sight. Seeing red when hungry is common.

Quitting a habit can cause mental triggers

Habits like smoking and drinking seem to cause health damage and cause mental triggers when you quit. It’s the body craving for substance which you don’t provide so it is common to snap when you’re trying to quit.

Being on and off medicines

Random bursts of anger can stem from starting and quitting medications with SSRIs like antidepressants. A doctor should always be consulted before starting or quitting medications.

Mood disorders can cause oscillating emotions

Underlying mood disorders like bipolar disorder, or even personality disorder can cause oscillating emotions that are hard to control. Emotional irregularities such as anger should not be taken lightly. Therapy, finding out what is triggering the emotional ups and downs, seeking professional help should help.

Fear is a valid cause of anger

We have all experienced rage while driving when someone zooms too close to you or cause you to slam your brakes down. Even though it’s anger you feel at the driver, the root cause is fear – fear of being in an accident, fear of hurting pedestrians – make us hurl abuse at the reckless driver. Fear is a valid cause for anger.

Control issues can make you get angry

If you are the type of person that needs to have everything under control, losing control can actually make you angry. It’s the loss of control over situations that make us fear unwelcome situations that you are not prepared for.

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