Psychological Tips to Ace a Job Interview

Nailing job interviews requires some good presence of mind along with a few cognitive tricks and tweaks.

Interviewers are no less human than you. That means they are perceptive to similar psychological preferences that drive most of us including the applicants. The way to ace a job interview lies in the manner you carry yourself, speak and use your mind. A few simple psychological tricks can make you more competent, likable and hireable in the eyes of the interviewer. Here are a few tips that could lift your chances of acing an interview.

Dress For The Job You Want

The colour of your clothes has a strong impact giving out distinct impressions about you. It has been found that hiring HR managers take note of how you dress in an interview the first thing. It is believed that the colour blue indicates a team player while black gives an impression of leadership potential. Skip colours like orange and pink that might paint you as unprofessional. White shows that you are organised, red represents a powerful personality and gray gives the impression of a logical and analytical personality.

Your Hand Says a Lot

Your hand movements convey a lot about your personality during an interview. Keeping your palms open indicates sincerity. Again, joining your fingertips tall to form a pyramid like structure is a sign of confidence. On the contrary, if your palms face downwards, that indicates dominance. Hiding your hands suggest you are hiding something. Moreover, finger-tapping is a sign of impatience while folding hands show disappointment. Also, you might want to avoid using too many hand gestures as that distract the interviewers.

Mirroring Body Language

Mirroring body language is a sign of liking someone. Evidently, if you mirror the body language of your interviewer, it automatically establishes an interest in the person. It also makes you look like a team player. On the other hand, if you avoid mirroring the body language of the interviewer it might indicate that you lack interest in the conversation or sometimes is a sign of lying.

Establish Eye Contact

Eyes say it all! Make sure to make eye contact with your interviewer as soon as you enter the room. Greet them while looking in the eye. This establishes confidence as well as is considered as a mark of intelligence in the eyes of the interviewer.

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