Nick Jonas noticed being called ‘Nickua’ in India, reveals Priyanka Chopra’s friends once taught him bad Hindi phrases

During an interview, Nick Jonas talked about his various nicknames in India, his favourite Indian foods and more.

Nick Jonas recently talked about him being addressed as Nick Jiju in India ever since he married Priyanka Chopra in 2018. During a recent interview, the actor-singer said that he even heard a photographer calling him “Nickua” during his recent visit for the inauguration of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre. He also talked about the Indian foods he prefers and how he was earlier taught bad Hindi phrases by Priyanka’s friends.

Nick Jonas recently delivered a Hindi-English collaboration, Main Meri Jaan, with King. He has sung the English lyrics in the song and can be heard singing the Hindi lyrics at the end of it as well. During an interview with BBC, Nick talked about getting help from Priyanka to sing the Hindi lyrics and all the names he is called after getting married to her.

Opening up about his nicknames in India, Nick said, “A lot of people do (call me jiju). All the photographers (at the NMACC launch) on the red carpet were calling me jiju.” When the interviewer mentioned that a photographer also called “Ae Nickua”, he said, “Yes, I did hear that. It was very good to be back. I love India. It has been a couple of years since I’ve been there because of Covid, so this was a really fun trip. So yes, great to hear the many nicknames I have now.”

During the interview, Nick was also asked to pick between two options during a rapid fire round. He chose samosa over spring roll and jalebi over gulab jamun. On being told to pick between Priyanka’s movies, he chose Bajirao Mastani over Baywatch.

While talking about his Hindi song Maan Meri Jaan, he also revealed, “her friends decided to teach me all the bad things, all the bad phrases when I first got there. Mainly I just listened the words I know, which are mostly food. Paneer is my favourite.”

Nick recently made a guest appearance in Priyanka’s Hollywood release, Love Again. The film however, failed to perform at the box office.

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