Necklines That Flatter Your Body Type

Are you looking for a neckline that will compliment your body type and make you look prettier? Here is how to choose the neckline according to your body type.

Every person has a unique dressing style, and it helps them define their personality. While it is always better to experiment and explore what looks good on you, specific styling tips aids in bringing the best in you. As simple as necklines seem, they have a significant share in changing your whole look. Let’s go through different necklines and see how it compliments your body type flawlessly


The V-neck gives the impression of a longer neck and draws attention upwards to your face. It is best for women with large shoulders, long necks, and thick torsos. It can flatter almost every body shape. It will lengthen your face and give you a feminine look.


This is a great way to show off your collarbone without making it too obvious. It also works well for short necks, as it lengthens the frame. It also adds to making you look cuter and younger.


Turtlenecks have a long, tight-fitting collar that extends just below the chin. It tends to add volume along the neck. It’s best for people who wish to balance a narrow neck.


A sweetheart neckline is shaped like a heart and forms two curves. It provides excellent coverage and accentuates your neckline. It visually lengthens the face and balances the overall silhouette. It is suitable for most body types, particularly petite women who want to flaunt their curves.

Boat Neck

Boat necks, also known as the princess or bateau neckline, are great for balancing wide hips because they follow the collarbone curve. It is best suited for women with longer necks and smaller heads, as it can make both appear wider.


The neckline runs from the collarbone to the shoulder and sits below or above. There are many styles of off-shoulder. It is best for women with narrow shoulders or pear shapes to draw attention to the neckline and face. Most face shapes are more attractive in off-shoulder gowns.

Dos And Don’ts

Think about what jewelry you would like to wear with your neckline. When deciding on the neckline, consider your neck length and your comfort zone. No matter what your body type, confidence is the key to slaying every look.

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