Narrations by Pakistani author that are worth reading

These narrations are soulful, mesmerizing and relatable

Over the years, Pakistani literature has risen to fame with a new breed of writers bringing forward a fascinating array of narrations giving the world a fresh perspective into a world far away. The Pakistani English novels are some of the most unique in terms of story and themes that have spanned over the market for many years. These beautiful warm narrations by the Pakistani authors have explored the hiding truths of the wider society of their country even if they have been pushed to the sidelines. These novels with out-of-the-box portrayals and characterizations have a context that is beyond one’s imagination as they highlight political tragedies and disputes. Here is a list of few books by Pakistani authors that you would love to get immersed into.

Between Clay and Dust by Musharraf Ali Farooqi
It will immediately lead you into feelings of ambiguity as it narrates the story of an old ruined city. Every narration twist and the characterizations will make it relatable with every aspect of your life. The story of a wrestler and a courtesan, a rare combination to find somewhere to read, elegantly portrays the intricate emotions that a human goes through, it shows respect, reproach, and life and death.

Salt and Saffron by Kamila Shamsie
High on humor, this novel follows a girl named Aliya who is a great storyteller and a Dard-e-Dil granddaughter who is the narrator, and the tour guide who takes Aliya through the intricacies of the family tree. But the story starts when Aliya on her way to Karachi from American stops over to visit her cousin in London and meet an American Pakistani, Khaleel aka Cal, on the plane. It is here that she feels attracted towards him but later on finding out that he belongs to a lower-class the invincible switch in her thoughts will leave you with giggles. It can be called an elegant and witty novel that is filled with cultural diversity.

Karakoram KaTajmahal by Nimra Ahmed
A love story of two mountain climbers, AfaqArsalan and Pareeshe, the novel takes you through the northern part of Pakistan. Following the two climbers, the novel is full of adventure and suspense. From the storyline to the characterization, the book oozes a riot of emotions right from relations, life, death, loss, passion, love, courage, excitement, and grief.

The Fix by Omar Shahid Hamid
Known for writing crime thrillers, given his day job as a serving police officer in Pakistan, this genre is a perfect fit for Hamid. The novel takes us inside the match-fixing syndicates ruining the gentleman’s game. Though the main plot revolves around cricket, the protagonist is a female cricketer.

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