Most Influential Writers of the 20th century

We have had thousands of literary geniuses throughout history. Scroll below to have a look at some of the most influential litterateurs of the 20th century.

George Orwell

Eric Arthur Blair, popularly known as George Orwell is famous for his dystopian literary genre. Remembering his influential works, 1984 is the first novel that comes to one’s mind for its eerie and vivid portrayal of a totalitarian rule. Prior to this he has created a masterpiece of all time, Animal Farm, that talks about the Russian Revolution and the betrayal of Joseph Stalin. Other than this, Orwell has always been a fighter against social injustice. Take some time out to read these famous novels and know more about his inspiring contributions.

Albert Camus

The French-Algerian Nobel laureate, playwright Albert Camus, has contributed to the Theatre of Absurd, with his varied range of absurdist novels. Considering himself as an existential writer, his works were mostly related to moral philosophical issues. As an existentialist writer he gained reputation on the international level, for his famous novels, The Stranger, The Plague, The Myth of Sisyphus. In these forceful works he introduced the themes of absurd and existentialism, which are now instantly recalled hearing the name of Albert Camus.

K. Rowling

British author Joanne Kathleen Rowling, is acclaimed critically for her Harry Potter series, highlighting the life of an unlikely hero. She creates this world of fantasy and adventure which becomes popular among children, and has attracted immediate success soon after its release. The book was awarded with the British Book Awards and has been one of the most influential books of the 20th century, appealing to both kids and even adults. The book inspired not only the kids but an entire generation to read.

Scott Fitzgerald

This 20th century novelist and short story writer was renowned for depicting the Jazz Age in his works. The Great Gatsby, one of his writing brilliances was considered as his finest piece of art containing love, materialism and the portrayal of the lost American Dream. With the incorporation of these pitch-perfect critiques he wanted a change in the scenery of his writing. The Great Gatsby reflected the sense of American hope that was promised to the citizens, but was however not delivered to their disappointment.

Agatha Christie

Famous for her mystery writings, Agatha Christie was also the bestselling novelist of her time. Her massive fandom has continued even after her death. Writing over 60 novels and about 14 short stories, her works have revolved around upper class British lifestyle shedding light upon some cozy intriguing mysteries. In case you wish to dabble into the best of her works which might have a long-lasting impact, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Crooked House, And Then There Were None, are the suggestions for some of her popular stories with an ingenious plot holding an essential part in the literary canon.

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