Marvel Parents: Superhero Edition

Being a superhero is similar to being a parent. Both are full-time jobs, both need being alert when trouble comes knocking, and the biggest similarity of all: they are both super hard jobs. 

Parent-child relationships are explored well in MCU ever since Tony Stark’s revealing facts about his cold, distant father. Parental love whether biologically or being a parental figure, is so permanent in MCU that it is hard not to take notice. And when you’re a superhero, clouded with danger and trying to save the universe, being a parent becomes so much harder.

Though there are examples of terrible parents like Thanos, or Peter Quills’ biological father who have tendencies of genocides but the good parents trump over the bad ones in MCU.

Here are some of the Marvel parents that do a great job at it.

  1. Rocket – Ever since Groot was reborn as a baby, Rocket became the father figure to Baby Groot, even stopping mid-battle to stop Groot from eating a fly. The Guardians of the Galaxy superheroes really looked after Groot’s relationship with Rocket was an unspoken father-son bond.
  2. Tony Stark – Tony Stark was a parental figure to Peter Parker long before he had any children. In Avengers: Endgame, Stark’s relationship with his daughter Morgan is a testament to the fact that he is a terrific parent (even though he grew up without a loving one).
  3. Hawkeye – Clint Barton is a good friend, a good superhero and a good father. He proves that juggling between work and family is very possible. He had three kids but his bond with Lila is the strongest.
  4. T’chaka – A parent will always be there to guide their children. T’chaka guides T’challa – The king of Wakanda – even from beyond the grave. That’s how strong their parent-child bond really is.
  5. Yondu – In Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume II, Peter’s hopes come crashing down after meeting his megalomaniac biological father and realisesYondu, who laid down his life to save Peter’s, has been his father all along.
  6. Frigga – Parents pull you up from the darkest of pits, and this is especially true for Thor. Thor’s mother Frigga does exactly this. When the God of Thunder had no hope, it was his mother Frigga that showed him that he is still worthy of great things.
  7. Aunt May – I mean in every version of Spiderman, Aunt May has been constant. Aunt May is to Peter Parker what Martha Kent is to Superman.
  8. Scott Lang – Scott Lang’s most important person in his life is Cassie – his daughter. Every decision he makes, from helping Dr. Pym to saving the world against a genocidal maniac, he considers the effect of his actions will have on Cassie.

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