Learn how to link your movements with your breath

Doing this will make you more aware of your body

One of the most common body functions we take for granted or say don’t pay attention to is breathing. You believe it or not our breath is linked with our body movements. Well, to actually see it working you will have to sit in a meditative mode and take notice of your breathing first. But if you are someone who practices yoga on a daily basis, you will under the concept pretty easily.

To understand better breathing patterns can affect the body physiologically and can help with stress. And a special aspect of yoga is the consideration of breathing patterns and breath awareness while practicing it, which includes breathing patterns independent of and connected to the movements.

Benefits of connecting breathing with movement
By doing so or even paying attention to your movements along with your breath will help in bringing body awareness. This awareness brings about consciousness and helps one discover patterns they didn’t know existed in the body like holding of breath or tension in the shoulders.

Linking breath with movement also helps with micro-movements, which is activating muscle groups that had been inactive. Further, it helps in moving and relaxing core muscles. Understand that the abdominal muscles surrounding the core are involved in the breathing process and when contracted we restrict breathing but when relaxed makes breathing easier.

How to do it?
Begin by doing cow and cat yoga poses. Get on your knees and hands like a table position. Make sure your knees, hands are aligned and are placed at equal distance. Once in the position, first, focus on your breath and notice what is happening. Now, once you inhale lift your chest and exhale when you round your back.

On another turn, do the opposite. Inhale when you round your back and exhale when you lift your chest. But don’t force or over-breathe, just breathe naturally.

Second, lie on your back with your legs straight out while you place your arms on either side next to near your hips, keeping the palms turned down. Now, inhale through your nose for a few seconds. Then slowly raise your arms up over your head, remember to do this in synchronization with your breathing. Keeping lifting your hands until they touch the ground behind you, remember to leave your arms slightly bent.

It’s okay if your arms don’t touch the ground behind your hands completely. But once you reach the end of inhalation, pause for a few more seconds. Then exhale slowly through your nose and start bringing your arms back to your sides along the same path.

Once you get comfortable with these exercises, combine them with yoga breathing techniques and try to find focus while belly breathing and belly-to-chest breathing.

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