Interesting facts about solar energy: the powerhouse of the earth!

Harnessing the energy derived from the sun with solar panels is an efficient, clean, affordable, and sustainable way for the survival of lives on earth.

The energy emitted from the sun is referred to as Solar energy. The sun has been producing energy for billions of years. This is considered the most vital source of energy for the survival of life forms. Unlike other widely available non-renewable sources like fossil fuels, solar energy is a renewable source. Technologies have helped to use this energy to produce hot water, light homes, and solve other electricity-related issues. Following are some of the interesting facts about solar energy.

Solar energy, the free energy source:

This is a completely free energy source.Solar energy is found in abundance. The sun is located around 90 million miles from the earth. Irrespective of such long-distance, it takes less than 10 minutes to travel this distance.

Solar energy is eco friendly:

Approximately 174,000 terawatts of energy strike the earth as a form of solar radiation, irrespective of climatic conditions.No pollution is caused while generating electricity from solar energy. Only one hour of sunlight is enough to fulfill the energy demand of the planet for one year.

Solar panels will be supplying energies to every household in near future:

In 1839, Alexandre Becquerel invented the photovoltaic effect. This delightful technology can harness the power of the sunby converting the light into electricity to enlighten homes around the world. The electricity generated per square foot of solar panels is around 10 kilowatt-hours. You will be amazed to know that it does not require direct sunlight to produce electricity. It will become the most reliable energy source in near future. The most effective solar panels,in terms of viability and economic aspects, are made up of monocrystalline silicon. This decade will see the increasing demand for solar energy globally.

The space industry used solar energy for the first time:

The application of solar energy was adopted by the space industry for the first time. The space industry began using this energy in the 1950s. They used it to give power aboard spacecraft. “The Vanguard 1” was the first artificial satellite powered by solar cells.It remained the “oldest manmade satellite” in orbit-logging for more than 6 billion miles.

The solar panel is affordable and long-lasting:

With advancing technologies, the use of solar energy is encouraged for a better future on the earth. The recent cost of running solar panels has decreased nearly 90% since its discovery and initial days. Moreover, they are long-lasting. Different varieties are available in the market. The most efficient one comes up with a warranty of 40 years. However, other forms are also available which have 25 years of warranty. So, it is the potential solution against the ongoing energy crisis across the globe.

So, you can truly make a difference by using and raising awareness regarding solar energy.

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