Here’s How You Could Live Longer

Here are some tips that could help you live longer.

Maintaining healthy friendships, having a positive attitude and learning how to be stress-free are some of the key ingredients to living a very long life, according to some studies. However, while there is no definitive answer when it comes to living longer, some centenarians and supercentenarians reveal what they believe has been the secret to their long lives.

Make us of olive oil

The longest human lifespan is that of Jeanne Calment. She was 122 years and 164 days old when she died on August 4, 1997. Calment lived by her own rules. She credited her long, long life to consuming a lot of chocolate and keeping a sense of humour. However, she said the most important one of all was extra virgin olive oil. It is said she consumed a lot of it and put it on almost everything except milk. She also applied it to her skin.

Drink a mysterious and magical beverage

Former Army Chaplain Reg Dean was 108 years old when he shared his secrets to longevity. According to Dean, it came down to five simple things. Religion, having good friends, seeing the best in people, and being a vegetarian for three decades were four out of the five things he believed helped him live so long. However, he was not able to recall the fifth secret during his big reveal.  But a couple of years later his son did. Before World War I, Dean was in India where he was given a drink by a local after he had done a favour for someone. The person that gave him this drink reportedly said it could help him live to be at least a 100. Dean was 110 when he passed away.

Eat until you’re 80 percent full

Former post office worker Jiroemon Kimura lived to be 116 years and 54 days old. He believed eating light was the key to living long. He ate until he was 80 per cent full. Essentially, stop eating before you feel stuffed.  Kimura’s breakfast would consist of porridge and miso soup with potatoes and vegetables. He would consume this meal daily.

Stay out of other people’s business

Retired schoolteacherBesse Berry Cooper-Brown lived to be 116. Avoiding junk food was one of the reasons for her long life she had stated. However, she believed the real secret was minding her own business and not sticking her nose where it didn’t belong.

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