Fun yet Constructive Ways of Spending School Holidays

Beat the holiday blues by designing and creating novel ideas 


Let not the long recess make you yawn to sleep day after day. Here are some fun ideas to actualise as you get plenty of time at your disposal.


Start a Project Using Community Resources


Community projects require young and dedicated volunteers to flag off successfully. You can contribute to events such as arranging community blood donation drives, painting fences, organising sports events for the differently-abled, participating in charity races and volunteering at a charity auction. The different institutions including schools, hospitals, orphanages and local clubs require active support to pull off tasks of enormous social significance. 


Participating in these events help in developing new skills, learning and networking. To students, such opportunities are significant for applying textbook knowledge to practical scenarios and problems.


Try Off-Season Activities 


In season drives could pull a throng of participants which further kills any learning or fun opportunity that these activities generally promise. On the other hand, signing up for off-season fun such as navigating the park or swimming in winter could be gratuitous. 


Resume an Old-Craft Activity



We tend to ditch interesting craft projects midway for lack of resources since these require creativity, time and the liberty to experiment. Why not take up these half-finished projects during the holidays? Art and craft would breathe in a whiff of fresh air into the otherwise monotonous schedule of classes and examinations. You could also stumble upon a few new art ideas to put together as a gift or charity. 


Apply for Internships in Exciting Job Roles


At school, you will have ample scope to navigate through the plethora of professional roles and responsibilities to decide which one you would like to pursue in the future. An internship would help you with amassing relevant knowledge, experience and expertise in the domain you are passionate about. Be it coding, language, science and environment projects or robotics, using the holidays you could learn, ideate and stay ahead in the competition. It is a wonderful opportunity to assess your strengths and inadequacies to learn better.


Team Up with Classmates for Recycle and Reuse Drives


Clean up drives could culminate in recycle and reuse programs—a different project to handle plastic pollution and accumulation of toxins in the environment. Such a purposeful drive would pull people from different walks of life to partake and encourage such projects in different quarters. 


Use a planner while juggling multiple projects to ensure you could squeeze in some learning time amidst all the hustle-bustle!

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