Fun Things To Know About Thoroughbred Horses

Here are some things to know about thoroughbred horses.

Thoroughbred horses are majestic animals that are adored by many. They are beautiful and one of the most highly prized animals in the world.  These animals are impressive and there is more to them than meets the eye. Here are some fun things to know about thoroughbred horses.

Breeding of Thoroughbred horses

People have been breeding Thoroughbred horses for almost 300 years. It reportedly began sometime in the 18th century in England. It started with three stallions that were imported from the Middle East. They bred with English mares, who are extremely fast and strong. It is easy to trace back almost any Thoroughbred’s lineage to one of the male horses.

Most of these horses share an ancestor

One of the three stallions from the Middle East was the most significant. Many studies have been conducted about these horses. One study, in particular, found that 95 per cent of modern male Thoroughbreds can claim to be the great-grandson of that one particular stallion.

Thoroughbred horses can run fast

One of the most popular known facts about Thoroughbreds is that they can run really, really fast. They have a lot of stamina. They can manage almost 40 mph. A Thoroughbred horse named Winnin Brew hit almost 44 mph at a 2008 race and set a record.

Thoroughbred horses can do more than run

Thoroughbreds are built well for speed and endurance. They are commonly used for equestrian sports, like polo and steeplechase. However, they can do so much more than that. Grade Thoroughbreds, which are horses with a single Thoroughbred parent, are used for other activities outside of the sports world. They are sometimes used for hunting and riding for pleasure.

Thoroughbred horses are not just brown and grey in colour

Most Thoroughbred horses are brown and grey in colour. Some are dark bay and chestnut. Others are a hue of grey. However, you can also find them in black on occasion. In very rare cases, there are also white horses of this breed.

Thoroughbred horses are eligible to race when they turn two

From the time they are born till around their first birthday, Thoroughbred horses are referred to as “Weanling”.  However, after they are weaned off their mother they are called “Yearling” when they turn one. By the time they are two-years-old, they are eligible to race.

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