Few reasons why 30-days fitness challenges won’t work

Though they seem like a great way to inculcate a healthy lifestyle but do they work? Read on to find more.

We often come across various 30-day challenges on our social media. They can be 30-days squat challenge or 30-days clean-eating challenge. We can also call such fitness challenges, fixed-time challenges as it aims at reaching a target in fixed-amount of time. You would find many in your peer group or friends who swear by these challenges. But the real question is that does these challenges work? Well, practically, they don’t. Why? Here are a few reasons why 30-days fitness challenges are not the best way to achieve your desired body or physique.

  1. It is not practical to believe that you can change your habits in just a few days.

Setting a time limit for a life-changing habit is very impractical. If you wish to see a genuine change in your lifestyle and body, you have to develop healthy habits like eating right, exercising regularly.

  1. It may work for some, not for some

We need to understand everyone moves at their own pace. No two individuals are the same. For some, these fitness-challenges are great motivators, and they can easily complete them without a hitch. But there would be many for whom it would be a struggle even to reach the initial goals. And harder the challenge gets, all the more reasons to quit early.

  1. 30-days challenge’s results are usually short-lived

This is one of the primary concerns with these challenges. However, they work well for someone who needs a nudge in the right direction or motivation to be fit and be healthy. But for others after initial enthusiasm, it can turn into a rut. And after the challenge is completed, you go back to your old routine. Hence, you won’t achieve any significant results.

  1. You cannot become fit with just one fitness routine

The 30-days squat challenge or 30-days skipping challenge won’t give you the desired result. The reason is simple; only squats or running or even skipping won’t benefit your whole body. Every body type is different. Some need to work on their belly fat; others need to work on their arms. So, one kind of exercise won’t necessarily help.

These challenges also give rise to urgency, and hence you can even be stressed instead of feeling good. So, stop looking at the calendar and focus on sustainability.

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