Easy tips and tricks to look taller in Indian wear

Hate wearing heels with Indian wear but still want to look tall? Scroll below for some tips and tricks.

Wedding season means lots and lots of lehengas, sarees and anarkalis. But that also means heels that kill your feet. However, let’s be honest, we still wear them because they make us feel and look good and obviously add height.

What if you could ditch those heels and still look tall in your Indian wear? All you need are the below simple tricks and tips that will make you look tall, despite wearing flats.

  • The saree

If you are planning to wear a saree, then opt for a silk or crepe material, as they will cling to your figure and take your body’s shape. A cotton saree, on the other hand, can make you look bulky and short. Additionally, you should tie your saree a little lower, so more of your waist shows and gives the impression of a taller torso.

  • Fitting of the anarkali

A loose fitted kurta or anarkali can add inches to your waist, which can make your look shorter than you really are. So, get your tailor or designer to decrease the size of the garment and make sure it clings to your waist, so you appear taller. Additionally, opt for a longer length kurta or anarkali to give the impression that the length of your body is taller.

  • Lehenga draping

We love draping the dupatta like a shawl in front of our waist and upper body. But this can be the reason why your body looks square-shaped and makes you look shorter. Instead, drape the dupatta in a saree style, to add a few inches without the heels. It also makes you look slimmer, as the entire outfit takes your natural shape.

  • Accessories also play a role

Wearing short neckpieces like chokers can make you look shorter than your actual height. But that does not mean, you should avoid it completely. However, to add a few more inches, wear longer neckpiece to make your torso appear thin.

  • Prints and patterns

To add a few inches to your frame, embrace vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes make your look broader and bulkier. Leave those bold prints behind and opt for solid colours, pin dots, gingham checks and small floral prints.

Appear taller with the above tips and tricks, without having to wear feet-hurting heels.

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