Diseases that can be treated via naturopathy

The idea is to ease and adopt a healthy lifestyle

From text evidence in the Indian Vedas to having its roots in the 19th century Natural Cure Movement of Europe, the field of Naturopathy has come a long way. A practice of healing al through the capacity and healing power of the body using nothing but naturally grown products, Naturopathy come to known as an alternative medicine derived from the nature. Based on folk medicine, naturopathy is all about celebrating nature’s healing power, and honouring body’s wisdom and healing might.

Originating from natura – Latin root for birth – and pathos – the Greek root for suffering – collectively it means natural healing. Also an old field of medicine, a number of references to Naturopathy can be found in the Indian Vedas and other ancient texts that are helpful in treating diseases and issues. So here is a list of problems Naturopathy can help solve.

Chronic constipation
Irregular bowel movement, this is due to dehydration, or slow contraction of muscles in the colon, making the stool dry and hard. Begin with exercising like doing yoga asanas like Halasana, Dhanurasana, and Bhujangasana. Breathing exercises such as bhastrika and anuloma-viloma are useful.  In foods, include more high-water and fiber rich food. Also consume herbs like gotu kola, garlic and ginger.

Bronchial Asthma
In naturopathy the change begins by restricting the intake of food such as egg, peanuts, shellfish, and bread. And by adding foods like apples, cantaloupe, carrots, flax seeds, garlic and avocado that are benifical to an asthma patient. All foods have the necessary nutrients that help in smooth functioning of lungs easing the Asthma symptoms. At the same time, breathing exercises like Pranayama and AnulamVilam are said to be of high benefit for the respiratory system.

The inflammation of the sciatic nerve is known as Sciatica which causes painful pulls down one leg, in the lower back and buttocks. Here, yoga is of utmost importance hence asanas such as nauka, uttanpada, vajara, shava, bhujanga and like are necessary to do. These asanas help bring fast relief. Even acupuncture is applied under naturopathy which is used in this pain. Consume herbs like, willow, wild lettuce, rutagraveolens and mullein root as it help soothe the nerves and reduce swelling.

In naturopathya diabetic patient has to begin by changing the food habits and include green vegetables, citrus fruits, curd, gourds and grains. Yoga aanas like Dhanur and pranayama are suggested to be performed.

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