Digital sabbatical: How to unplug and recharge

Once you connect with other things around you, you will forget you are disconnected from the internet

Unplugging from the virtual world is hard, not checking on your friends is hard, not being able to let the world know what you are upto can be confusing but once you have done it right, there is no looking back. When you take several days away from internet, no social media, email or browsing and of your work permits you to do so, you will feel your days to be longer and you are more present and aware of your surroundings.

Commit to unplugging for 24 to 48 hours first. Call is digital detox, sabbatical but it can be arefuge to your modern life which is designed to take all of your attention.  Between hundreds of emails, notifications, alerts, we often feel overwhelmed with day-to-day life and then some sense of guilt for wanting to retreat.

The first few hours will be challenging especially if your screen time is more than 4 to 5 hours daily. You might feel that constant urge to check phone once but once you connect with other things around you, you will forget you are disconnected to internet.

Steps that will help you prepare for digital sabbatical

Ask your family or your roommate or friends to go on a digital detox with you. This will help you to stay motivated and make you connect with them in other ways.

Take recourse to analog devices like a pen or paper when you sometimes miss typing and scrolling. Write down your thoughts. Notice how those feeling and experiences change from one hour to two days. Analog is not as convenient as digital but delightful. Reading your mind out is delightful.

Hide your computer or phone from anywhere near you. Place them in a box inside a closet so that going again and again ang checking them in inconvenient. Ask a family member to keep your phone away. Treat yourself for not trying to use it. You can also download apps that locks your phone for a certain time period to avoid too much of screen time.

Utilize your digital sabbatical by reading a book, trying to harness a new skill, going for a long walk or by writing a letter. Unclutter your wardrobe, make a new dish, bump up your self-care regime or just take a nap.

You will be surprised how much time opens up, your soul is refreshed, your mind is calm and rejuvenated and in all of this you feel more connected. Don’t worry, you won’t missa thing.

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