Danilo Petrucci: Lost MotoGP Seat, Proving His Worth at Dakar

In 2021, Petrucci lost his MotoGP seat. In 2022, he touched a new high as a Dakar Rally racer

The first month of 2022 is proving to be an incredible year for former MotoGP racer Danilo Petrucci, who recently touched (on 5 Jan 2022) a new high at the Dakar Rally 2022. The Italian racer lost his MotoGP seat in 2021, but in 2022, he made a comeback in the world of motorsports with the Tech3 KTM Factory Racing rally team. 

Why this article is worth your time? 

The achievement secured by Danilo Petrucci is a fine example of one should never quit. After suffering a heavy loss in 2021, Petrucci, irrespective of being a MotoGP racer, dared to take part in the most gruesome rally racing competition on earth. He did not merely take part in the competition, but also proved his worth to the team by securing a third place in the fourth stage of the rally.  

Dakar’s fourth stage, a tough cookie for the most seasoned racers

At the time of writing this article, Dakar’s fourth stage proved to be the most dangerous and tricky compared to the first three. The stretch of 465 kilometres comprised several river crossings, rocky sections and fast tracks. Irrespective of all the obstacles, Petrucci crossed the finish line in 4 hours, 12 minutes and 59 seconds. Being a rookie, Petrucci’s run was brilliant as he jumped back after retiring from the second stage because of a mechanical issue with his motorcycle. 

Danilo Petrucci’s reaction after finishing the stage

After crossing the finishing line in the third position, an ecstatic Danilo Petrucci said, “It was a really fast stage today with some very fast pistes. I was able to ride in a group and had a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it. It was such a long stage but fortunately, I didn’t make any mistakes and was able to find a good rhythm. I learned a lot today too, so now I’m really excited for tomorrow and the rest of the event.”

A look back at Petrucci’s racing career

Hailing from Terni, Italy; Petrucci joined the Pramac Racing MotoGP team in 2015. That year, he won his first podium at the British Grand Prix and ended the year at the 10th position in the overall riders’ championship. In 2019, Petrucci switched from Pramac to Ducati Team and finished the year in the sixth position. In 2021, he joined the Tech3 KTM Factory Racing team but lost the seat after finishing in the 21st position. 

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