Cannes 2023: Song Joong-Ki and Wife Katy Spotted Together for the Premiere of ‘Hopeless’

The couple will be present for the screening of his film “Hopeless” on Wednesday, May 24.

On May 24, Wednesday, the 76th Cannes International Film Festival is slated to premiere Song Joong-ki’s Hopeless. He and his wife, Katie Louise Saunders, travelled to Cannes, France, for the premiere. In pictures that have gone viral, the pair was seen at the venue.

Spotted together

In France, actor Song Joong-ki and his wife, Katy Louise Saunders, were spotted together. Presently, Song Joong-ki is attending the Cannes Film Festival in 2023 for the world premiere of his film Hopeless. A news source reported seeing the actor and his wife at an interview site in a hotel prior to the official showing of Hopeless.

According to speculation, Katy, who is currently pregnant, looked amazing. The sources claimed that when Song Joong-ki was being interviewed, Katy Louise Saunders waited for her husband beside the film team.

Confronting darkness

Song Joong-ki and Hong Sa-bin feature in the movie Hopeless, also known as Hwaran. A 17-year-old youngster and a middle-level gang commander are the main characters in the movie. To survive and lead better lives, they band together and fight. They still have to face suffering on earth, even if they want to flee.

Yun-kyu, who is portrayed by actor Hong Sa-bin in this noir film, frequently tries to flee his problems. Yun-kyu encounters Song Joong-ki’s Chi-gun, the underboss of a criminal group, one day and gets himself into trouble.

The movie is prepared to be seen in Cannes’ Un Certain Regard section.


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