Biggest Gaming conventions in the world

Gaming conventions are wonderlands in the gaming industry.

Gaming industry has not grown in the last decade but exploded with a bang. Now, a multi-million-dollar industry, the craze for gaming got propelled with the surge of internet connectivity and newer technologies. Upgraded systems, state of the art consoles, even smartphones are being made to meet the bare minimum for playing video games. While gaming communities form acquaintance virtually, gaming conventions make meeting all the more probable.

Gaming conventions have become a big part of the gaming industry. It is common ground for gamers of all spectrums to join in the gaming festivities. Gaming conventions have special announcements for upcoming launches (first-hand, of course), presenting gamers the alluring chance to try out new games, even delve in cosplays. The conventions are big business in the gaming industry.

Here are some of the biggest gaming conventions in the world.

PAX: Started off small but Penny Arcade Expo grew as the word on the street spread after it’s first year. PAX is held in four different locations: Boston, Australia, San Antonia and Seattle. As a go-to gaming convention for any gamer, PAX is a sacred space for indie games, developers and gamers and has over 70,000 attendees.

Tokyo Game Show: Tokyo Game Show is so famous for its upcoming announcements for games that are still in-production. It is one of the biggest gaming conventions of the world with around 2,70,000 attendees each year.

Brasil game Show: The Brasil Game Show is a heaven for gamers, developers, cosplayers and any attendee as it is the biggest gaming convention of the world and sees over 3,00,000 gaming enthusiasts every year. It is a great mingling ground, especially for developers who are just starting out.

Chinajoy: Every year, Chinajoy convention sees over 2,70,000 attendees and above. With game developers being a huge thing in China, it is not wonder Chinajoy showcases about 3500 new games per years and attracts gaming enthusiasts and industry developers from at least 30 global countries

DreamHack:DreamHack, mostly hosted in Sweden, holds the Guinness World Record for throwing the largest LAN party and not only focusses on esports but cosplays, gaming conventions as well. Gaming news, competitive tournaments, new games, thrill ground for cosplayers, DreamHack is another major gaming convention.

Gamescon: Gamescon happens in Germany and has all the important updates and info about anything in the gaming industry. Big names like Sony and Microsoft are part of Gamescon. Attendees not only include publishers, developers, gamers from the industry but this convention also welcomes outsiders who love games. It can also be streamed live for those around the world.

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