Best Exercises To Zap Belly Fat

While cardio is the best way to burn fat, decent strength training will add the necessary definition.


Knowing how to burn belly fat is of the utmost importance prior to putting in the actual effort. Truth be told, there are no specific exercises to target the stomach flab. And on top of that, the fat distribution takes place according to one’s genetics. So, the best thing to do is to start and keep on moving. When the calories are burnt, they automatically chuck off a proportionate portion from your belly.

Now there are two parts to possessing tone abs. While cardio is the best way to burn fat, decent strength training will add the necessary definition. The exercises produced here, the best and practical way to burn stomach fat, may make you apprehensive because they are common. But it is what it is.


Running Or Walking


Only requiring a good pair of running /walking shoes, both of these, low-impact no-equipment exercises are best for fat burning. Though running is marginally better in its efficacy, walking isn’t that bad either. You can either take them separately or incorporate them in a run-walk interval training routine. Either do pay attention to warm-up and cold-down periods, when doing to them for weight loss.


Elliptical Trainer


Another low-impact routine, this, of course, will require equipment. Being very easy on the joints, this is especially good for those who are not comfortable jogging / running or even walking. Burning almost as many calories as a run, elliptical training — a 65.8 kg (145 pound) person can burn 300 calories in 30 minutes — is nearly an exact sub.




This low-impact cardio exercise additionally includes a pleasant travelling factor as well. Approximating for speed and intensity, an average 30-minute bike ride can zap 250 to 300 calories.


The Bicycle Exercise


After tackling how to burn calories now, we enter into how to define the abs. The bicycle exercise, which integrates abdominal stabilization, body rotation and other allied abdominal muscle engagement, was ranked as the No.1 among ab exercises in a recent study.


Performing bicycle exercises along with hopping on a bike could be an effective combo.


The Captain’s Chair


Choose a high-chair at home, so the leg can completely hang free when seated or settle for a gym which has one. Apart from abdominal muscles, it’ll work the hip flexors and external obliques.


Exercise Ball Crunch


Since you will need to stabilize on an exercise ball to do this, more abdominal muscles will participate.


Vertical Leg Crunch


Keeping the legs straightened while you do a regular leg crunch, will add to the intensity making the abs work harder.

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