Best EA Origin Games Ever

A platform developed and run by Electronic Arts; Origin offers access to several mind-blowing video games

In the world of gaming, Steam is the most popular platform that allows a user to purchase video games and play them on their systems. However, there are several other gaming platforms available on the internet. One of them is Origin; a platform developed and run by Electronic Arts. On Origin, several mind-blowing games are available that must be played by gamers. 

What is the importance of the Origin platform?

As mentioned in the above paragraph, Origin is a platform run by Electronic Arts; the studio behind games such as FIFA, Battlefield and the Sims. Any real gamer knows that the mentioned games are some of the top games accessible in the world of gaming. Therefore, a gamer must check out the several other games that are available on the Origin platform from EA studios.

From Netflix to video game, the Witcher is the favourite of many 

Originally, the Witcher is a video game developed by studio Projekt RED. The studio developed and released the first and second parts, but before releasing the third part, Electronic Arts purchased the rights to the entire Witcher franchise. Therefore, on the Origin platform, one can check out the Witcher 3. From an intimidating storyline to realistic graphics, it is brilliant. 

FIFA 22: Same football, but the experience is different

On Origin, the brand-new version of FIFA is available at a price tag of INR 2000-3000. The price varies depending on which edition is purchased; standard or premium. Moving on to the games, in FIFA 22, one can play the Volta matches (online street football) and can have a club of his or her own. From creating jerseys to managing the home ground, it is doable.  

Live a different life in the virtual world with the Sims 4

The Sims 4 was launched way back in 2013 and continues to carry a justified hefty price tag. In the game, one can control the lives of computerised human beings. From what they wear to how they behave and the job they do inside the games, one can live a completely different life in the virtual world of Sims 4. 

Apart from the mentioned three games, there are a few more games that deserve an honourable mention. Those games are Battlefield IV, Need for Speed: Payback and Mass Effect Trilogy remastered version. 

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