Best coming-of-age series to watch right away!

These shows will surely give you all the high school feels…

Have you ever felt the need to just sit back, relax and watch some sappy series which reminds you of your high school days again? After an entire day’s work and reading up on all grim news, sometimes it is necessary to just forget about all stress and watch something silly or fun. Thankfully nowadays all streaming platforms have made it easy to watch and re-watch series as many times as we want. So relax and go through this list of coming-of-age series that we have curated for you…

Never Have I Ever (Netflix) – If your teenage wasn’t as great as those fancy movies you see then this is the series for you to watch. Created by Mindy Kaling, the story talks about a teenage girl being raised in an American culture and coping her way through high school. The series is all about those realistic anecdotes mixed with a lot of humour!

Riverdale (Netflix) – Another Netflix marvel which will be loved by all Gossip Girl fans and Archie comic lovers. It’s a complete teen drama with romance, humour, twists and turns. If you last through all the seasons then you’ll find yourself slowly loving the characters in the series as much as you loved them in the comics!

I am Not Okay With This (Netflix) – Dubbed as a comedy series, I am Not Okay With This is as quirky as a drama can get. Starring Sophia Lillis, the show talks about emotions, teenage angst and friendships. If you are a fan of Stranger Things, then this series will surely manage to get on your must-watch list.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix) – Yet another Netflix series that deals with magic and fantasy. Sabrina, as many 90s kids know, is a half-witch and half-mortal who struggles with her teenage issues, identity and her relationships. For people who have loved the character before, this series surely will not be a let-down!

Elite (Netflix) – If you like suspense mixed with high school drama then this is the perfect series for you to watch. Elite is about a group of students who, as the name suggests, end up in an elite and rich school and get involved in something dark and scary! If you like foreign series then don’t miss out on this one…

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