Benefits of cardio exercises

From increased energy to an overall healthier life, the benefits of cardiovascular exercises are many.

Anything that gets the heart pumping and muscles working is considered cardio exercises. Be it Zumba, dancing, brisk walking, running, cycling, gardening – the options out there are plenty.

With cardio, the heart pumps faster promoting a healthy blood circulation and increased heart rate. A moderate 150-minutes workout or an intensive 75-minutes workout per week promotes a healthier heart function. Cardio is essential before hitting the weights at the gym. It is part of the warm up that gets the body ready for muscular and joints workout.

The benefits of cardiovascular exercises are many. It affects the entire body.

  1. Healthier skin – The increased heart rate increases the blood circulation which eventually leads to a healthier, better skin. Cardio is extremely helpful in purging the skin of toxins through perspiration and imparts a glowing skin over time.
  2. Healthier brain too – Cardio exercises leads to better brain health too. People who exercise have shown lesser reductions in the frontal, parietal and temporal regions of the brain. Prolonged cardio also helps in better memory and brain health.
  3. Promotes better mood – Once getting in the habit of exercising, you will find a spring in your step. That is because exercising releases serotonin and dopamine – the feel-good hormones – that leads to an overall better mood. The best part: you don’t need to wait long to feel the effects. A single cardio exercise session will show improved brain health and mood.
  4. Helps better sleep – Working out and getting the blood flowing releases endorphins that keeps us energetic for the entire day. Cardio has also shown to promote better sleep; meaning struggling to fall asleep won’t be an issue. It promotes REM sleep.
  5. Can be helpful for weight loss – It is a fact universally known – any kind of exercise (with proper diet of course) leads to weight loss. Cardio exercise burns down calories thereby promoting weight loss. It tones the muscles so your dress sizes will go down as well.
  6. Heightened metabolism – Along with boosting mood, brain and muscles, cardio is immensely popular for increasing metabolism. Heightened metabolism promotes faster burning of calories than your intake. Increased metabolism can be further made better by getting proper sleep and getting up early.
  7. Cheap and easily available – There is no requirement of expensive equipment to get started on cardio exercises. Dancing, cycling, swimming, brisk walking – are enough for a cardio workout. They’re easily available and are inexpensive.

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