Are you a Doomsday Scroller?

Doomsday Scrolling is a new term that has been introduced to us and is defined as scrolling until you reach doomsday or the ultimate.

The first things we do in the morning is reaching for our cell phones and start to scroll for news. The scrolling usually ends until we fall asleep. Doomsday scrolling or doom scrolling is defined as the activity when we continuously scroll through negative or distressing news, although this news is causing mental stress and anxiety.

But why are we getting this new and emerging habit? It is mainly due to the urge to always staying updated about the activities going around the world. We are a generation with a mind full of curiosity, and since a lot is going on in the world, we wish to stay updated. When we scroll through the news, it taps the brain network and activates the urge to seek out information to act against the growing stress.

According to mental health experts, the idea of scrolling through numerous news articles is simple; this means our mind is in search of particular news or solution that makes everything better. Dooms scrolling usually hit the threat sensing part of our brain or amygdala, which response against the body’s fear or stress.

After looking into the reports, we can find that doomsday scrolling is another agent which contributes to depression. When going through negative news constantly affects your health both; mentally and physically. Symptoms such as low energy, anxiety and emotional imbalance need immediate medical attention or counselling.

We need to understand or set boundaries for our activities that affect our physical and mental health. Here are few steps you can follow to avoid it.

Stop the consumption of negative news the first thing in the morning and before going to bed; instead, look for some uplifting content.

Set time boundaries to avoid reaching the doomsday or the ultimate point, but try to gather information regarding joyous events.

Understand your mind and try to stay positive and active. If you are facing any symptoms causing stress or anxiety, consult a counsellor.

Involve yourself in physical activities such as exercise, cycling or yoga that helps you with diverting your mind.

We need to take a break from the internet as our mind cannot holding so much information at a zip of finger. Doomsday Scrolling increases the Dopamine level in our brain that leads to difficulty in sleeping and other causes.

Constant activities are going around in this world, which increases our urge to know it all. So to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we must try to balance the level of dopamine in our brain.

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