Amazing health benefits of Horse Gram or Kulthi Bean

One of the most nutritious legumes, it’s not eaten a lot like other legumes. Let’s know some amazing benefits of this superfood.

Horse gram was domesticated during the 2nd millennium BC. Apart from a rich source of carbohydrate and protein, it also has traces of essential minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus to name few. This superfood is consumed in several ways: as dal, soup, salad, sprouts or boiled seeds. Several health benefits of Horse Gram are:

  1. It is a traditional medicine: The powder of Horse Gram is used to treat several moderate to severe conditions like asthma, fever, bronchitis, jaundice to name few. It has tremendous medicinal use as per Ayurveda.
  2. Beneficial in weight loss: Ayurveda quotes that if a person consumes horse gram daily, he will surely experience weight loss. Effectively the powdered form should be mixed with a pinch of cumin seeds and consumed with water daily on an empty stomach. As simple as it can get. It can reduce bad cholesterol and boost up good cholesterol.
  3. Protects your liver: Horse Gram seeds have plant substances, flavonoids and polyphenols. These components strengthen the liver and gall bladder by boosting their main function of filtering and purifying blood and detoxifying the body!
  4. Aids digestion: Before you plan a hearty dinner, take a horse gram in the morning on an empty stomach. It helps to stimulate the digestive tract and save you from the acid reflux or GERD that are typical results of a heavy meal.
  5. Controls diabetes: Eating unprocessed, raw horse gram seeds are effective in reducing the glycaemic index, slow down the digestion of carbohydrates and reduced insulin resistance within the body. That’s why it’s a superfood to type 2 diabetes. Isn’t it amazing!
  6. Relieves from constipation: Horse gram is power-packed with nutrients and has plenty of fibre content. When pre-soaked and eaten in raw format as salad, it has the power to suppress the constipation episodes, which is often a result of lack of fibre in the diet, lack of minerals and unhealthy lifestyle.
  7. Works magic in Kidney stones: When you consume horse gram on a regular basis, it can either reduce the occurrence of kidney stones or remove the same from the body. Horse gram is rich in iron and antioxidants that can actually drastically reduce kidney stones that are calcium oxalate concoction.

So now that you know that Horse Gram is a superfood, you should definitely include in your daily diet to benefit from this wonder food!

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