Afternoon Wrap-Up: PM Modi Remains India’s Most Popular Leader, US Govt Takes New Initiatives To Study AI Risks, And Other Important News Of The Day

From PM Modi being India’s most popular leader to the US govt taking new initiatives to study AI risks, here’s an afternoon wrap-up of top news reviews and trending stories.

PM Modi remains India’s most popular leader: Survey

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to maintain his position as India’s most revered leader. However, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has seen a notable surge in his approval ratings. Know more.

US Govt Takes New Initiatives to Study AI Risks, Determine Impact on Workers

With the potential to automate routine tasks and provide real-time analysis, AI is quickly becoming an essential tool for businesses worldwide. Know more.

New Initiative to Be Introduced to Get Bills Without Sharing Mobile Number

In an attempt to check the menace of retailers seeking the mobile numbers of customers after every purchase to generate a bill, the consumer affairs ministry will issue an advisory to end this practice and mandate the explicit consent of buyers to get the contact details. Know more.

France Bans Domestic Flights On Short Routes To Cut Carbon Emissions

France, on Tuesday, imposed a complete ban on domestic flights on short routes that can be covered by train with an aim to cut down on carbon emissions. Know more.

Hi-tech Headcount: Now You Can Fill The Next Census Form Online at Home

People would be encouraged to fill in the census data through a specially designed self-enumeration web portal without the help of an enumerator. Know more.


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