9 Exciting Small Business Ideas For The Summer of ’23

Summers are ideal to make some extra money without having to get involved in the profession fully. Here are some summer business ideas to choose from.

The summer months mostly see increased business in several industries, including those dealing with seasonal fare, outdoor recreation, live performances, travel, and entertainment. Below is a hand-picked selection of the most promising low-cost summer business opportunities. Read on to know them all.

Aquarium Maintenance

Ornamental fishes are universally regarded as the most stunning pets. As an added bonus, aquariums may be incorporated into a variety of modern home décor schemes. Starting an aquarium cleaning service from your home might be a rewarding summer business idea.

Vehicle Detailing Business

Beginning a vehicle detailing business is a great way to supplement your income during the warmer months. If you run your business out of your house, you may get started right away with little to no money. Therefore, local internet company promotion is essential.

Toddler Care

Starting a babysitting service in the summer is a great option for those with extra room in their homes. The reality is that summer is a busy season for daytime activities. And they require this kind of assistance. However, running a babysitting service successfully requires a great deal of enthusiasm, forethought, and commitment.

Re-Glazing a Bathtub

The industry of refinishing bathtubs is one that never really goes away. This is the kind of help that people often require. As a result, if you advertise your service effectively in your area, you can count on consistent business.

Spa/Beauty Shop

In reality, a salon is among the most lucrative retail opportunities in the health and beauty industry. There are other two ways to open a beauty parlor. One option is to start your own retail establishment, while another is to become a franchisee of an established business.

Boat Cleaning Service

There are only a handful of essential tools you’ll need to start your boat cleaning service. However, not all areas are ideal for operating a business like this. There’s probably a need for this kind of service. The best places to set your shop would be near water, meaning coastal areas, coastal areas, and places that provide water sports.

Cookie Baking

Cookies are favored by the masses. And it’s ideal if everyone could buy freshly baked cookies that were both tasty and high quality. This venture is ideal for cookie-loving entrepreneurs who want to get their feet wet with a minimal outlay of cash. It’s also a great way for stay-at-home parents and housewives to supplement their income.

Writing An E-Book

E-book authoring is a great option for a summertime internet company. You have the option of working for an organization or as a freelancer, depending on your skill set. Freelance ebook writing opportunities may be found on a variety of websites.


Ecotourism, often known as nature tourism, is the fastest-growing sector of the travel and tourism market today. Plus, if you want to launch a venture related to tourism, summer is the time to do it. It is your responsibility as an ecological tour operator to ensure that your guests have a pleasant and memorable experience.


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