7 Ways To Use Sugar Outside The Kitchen

Giving up on sugar is an excellent step toward your good health, but that does not mean it is unsuitable for other things. Here are a few unconventional uses of sugar.

Did you know that sugar can be used for many practical household uses in addition to food? Sugar definitely deserves its honor spot in pantries and cakes across the globe. It is indispensable in sweetening beverages like tea and coffee, as well as adding incredible flavor to baked products.

Keeping Flowers Fresh

To prolong the life of your fresh-cut flowers, mix 3 teaspoons of sugar together with two tablespoons of vinegar. Mix the ingredients in an ounce of warm water and place it in the vase to create a lasting flower arrangement.

Clean Your Coffee Grinder

After a long period of use, coffee grinders are prone to dirty and smelly. When you grind a one-quarter cup of sugar inside the machine, you’ll blow out coffee beans stuck in the grinder, remove any excess oils, and eliminate the smell. When your grinder is fresh, you can take a refreshing cup of Joe!

Make a Homemade Fly Trap

If you’re eating outside, flying insects can be a considerable threat. Catch the buzzing insects with an easy trap made of sugar and water in a plastic bottle.

Treat Insect Stings 

Are you suffering from an ant bite? Apply a paste made of equal amounts of sugar and water onto the area of injury. Let the solution rest for 20 minutes to eliminate the irritation.

Nurse a Burnt Tongue

If you’ve ever had the full bite of hot pizza, then you know the pain and discomfort caused by a burnt tongue. Reduce the pain by sucking sugar cubes or putting an ounce of sugar in your mouth. The sugary substance can temporarily reduce discomfort.

Banish Grass Stains

The enzymes present in sugar can dissolve the stain and make your clothes look fresh. Mix one-half cup sugar with one-half cup warm water to create the paste. Apply it to the area stained. It should sit for approximately an hour before washing the clothes.

Make Food Last Longer

Have you been forced to throw away an entire block of cheese or a batch of cookies that ran stale way too soon? The next time, try this innovative food-saving technique to add a few sugar cubes in an airtight container for storage to soak up moisture that causes mold.

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