7 Reasons to Practice Vinyasa Yoga

One of the most popular schools of yoga across all experience levels, Vinyasa yoga, is a good school for the beginners.


One of the most popular schools of yoga across all experience levels, Vinyasa yoga, which stands for, ‘breath-synchronized movement’, is a good yoga school for the beginners. Here’s why.


Focus On The Flow


There is a certain inbuilt flow that forms this type of yoga. Many people prefer this style as ‘Vinyasa flow’ because it lets you glide effortlessly from one asana to the other, linking each pose from inhalation to exhalation and keeping you ever mindful of the session.


If you are the one who has experienced their mind to drift off in the middle of a yoga session, the smooth and continuous characteristics of this style is certainly for you.




Though Vinyasa has a common link with Ashtanga yoga which also links asana sequences continuously through the breath, it is more flexible as opposed to a more prescribed form of practice that of the later.

Not only the sequence of the poses can be shuffled, new and unexpected are introduced from time to time. This keeps the mind, and the body engaged and never lets the monotony set in.


Customised Classes


Since Vinyasa classes are not bound by strict guidelines, the instructors also go with the flow, so as to speak, by pairing various yoga styles with thematic music or nature soundtracks.

So, if by chance, one session does not take your fancy, it does not mean the others won’t. One can also float from session to session, to settle on an appropriate one, without losing the flavour.


Quiet Challenging


On the one hand, this style can suit newbies, but at the same time, as you grow more capable, it has enough elements to seriously push your physical boundaries. Interestingly, this school can dip into elements from other yoga styles as well. So in effect, this can be your one-stop style for all your strength, flexibility and balance requirements, up to the highest degrees of difficulty available.


Great Cardio


Again, don’t be fooled by its apparent slow pace. Since it is continuous in nature, your heart will get seriously going except for process which will provide you with the rest, like the downward dog posture. This is a great style to break out a sweat.


For Beginners


Because of its diverse range, the beginners can pick and choose the postures which are relatively easy to do but at the same time providing health benefits and mildly challenging. Most importantly, this practice will provide you with a thorough grounding of the basics of pranayama or yogic breathing, which is the building block for advanced yoga practice.

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