5 Natural DIY First Aid Remedies

You don’t have to rush to the nearest pharmacy anymore when a minor accident occurs. Instead, reach to these first-aid home remedies.

When it comes to basic first aid, many prefer natural home remedies to those available from a drugstore. There’s an abundance of quick-acting, practical ideas to tackle minor illnesses effectively. If you are a person who wants to ensure safety by being prepared, these eight natural techniques will be helpful.

Baking Soda for Bee Stings

You might be using it at home to clean agents or preserve food. However, baking soda can have different uses as well. It can assist with stings from bees. When dealing with a bee sting, you’re typically busy and don’t take the time to measure. Add baking soda to your hands, add enough water to create an emulsion, then put it on the bee sting to reduce swelling and pain.

Basil for Mosquito Bites

Are mosquito bites making you crazy? Basil leaves could assist in relieving the itching even though this method isn’t supported in medical research. If you rub some leaves directly onto the skin, you can reduce the dreadful itching. Your skin will not only be soothed, but research has shown that the oils from basil leave actually act in repelling insects both night-time and day-time mosquitoes.

An Aloe Plant For Sunburns

Aloe is available in drugstores. However, commercially-produced products are typically mixed with the alcohol industry, synthetic colorants, and other unneeded ingredients. Aloe plants are all you require to start feeling relief immediately. An aloe plant is a great thing to keep in your home. It’s great for sunburns, minor kitchen burns, mild rashes, and even minor cuts because it heals and soothes the skin, and it also has a cooling effect that feels great. To prevent sunburn, break off a small part of the leaves, cut it open and apply it directly to the area affected.

Witch Hazel For Bruises

Witch hazel is a naturally occurring Astringent made from the bark, leaves, and twigs from the witch-hazel tree also called winter bloom. The plant has been used medicinally for a long time for all sorts of things, from alleviating the facial skin to treating breakouts and acne. It may also be used to speed the healing of bruises. Witch hazel can increase blood flow to the skin’s surface. Therefore, it can help eliminate the blood accumulated within the bruised area and reduce inflammation.

Arnica For Swelling And Pain

Arnica, one of the flowering plants in the daisy family, can assist in speeding the healing process of tissue and reduce inflammation and discomfort. You could apply arnica topically or orally for minor injuries like bumps, swelling, bruises, or sore muscles.

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