5 Best road trips to take in Switzerland

Enjoy everything breathtaking the Alps have to offer by taking these stunning road trips.

The Land of Four Languages gives its visitors the best time with attractions spread throughout the country. And the best way to explore the entire region is via road trips.

The road trips in Switzerland are filled with attractive landscapes, captivating sights and alluring roads. Here we give five best road trips you can embark on in Switzerland.

  • Geneva to Zurich

Swap your train journey from Geneva to Zurich for a 7-day or 470km long road trip. On this journey, witness some of the finest sights, including the Old Towns in Lucerne and Bern, dreamy view lakes in Stanserhorm, winding roads through the countryside, among others. The entire route is blessed with picturesque scenery that will leave you stunned.

  • Davos to Stelvio

The road journey from the ski resort of Davos to Stelvio takes you through one of the most famous roads of the Swiss Alps and one of the world’s best driving roads. 60 hairpins corners characterize the Stelvio Pass with roads continuously cutting back into itself and forming zig-zags all the way down to the valley. Remember to be well-rested before driving down this valley, as it requires a strong mental presence.

  • Lake Geneva

Take a tour to Western Europe’s biggest lake, Lake Geneva, for a visual treat. With historic vineyards, urban centres, snow-covered Alps, stunning villages and classic castles, the beauty of the tour will leave you breathless. Begin the road trip at the fishing village of Nyon and end it at the pretty village of Gruyeres for a complete four-day adventure-filled journey.

  • The Furka Pass

A high-altitude journey, the Furka Pass is filled with mountaintop vistas, beautiful valleys and glacier views. Start your journey from Gletsch and finish at Andermatt, while making a stop to visit the Rhone Glacier, which is disappearing at an incredibly fast rate.

  • Northern Switzerland

Treat yourself to a northern exposure by taking a three-day road trip in the area. Journey through the lesser-known picturesque places like Appenzell, while also gracing the museum-filled urban city of Basel. On the way, witness the largest plain waterfall in Europe, Rhinefalls, smaller vineyards and astonishing architectural marvels. Complete your trip by visiting the lakeside hamlet of Ligerz.

Road trip around Switzerland to take in its entire beauty.

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