10 Best Offbeat Hill Stations In India To Visit This Summer

Vacations on hills are always a relief from the scorching summer heat. Here are some of the offbeat locations you must try.

Here in this article, we’ve compiled a set of potential vacation spots, some of which you may already be familiar with. Explore and see the world this summer by visiting some of these undiscovered, magnificent, majestic, and calm hill stations.


In contrast to the bustle of Jammu and Kashmir’s most visited sites, the relatively quiet and undiscovered Chaptal offers visitors a tranquil escape. Kashmir’s unspoiled landscapes of white water streams and verdant slopes.


Tawang is located in the Northeast and is known for its spiritual importance, stunning natural beauty, and ancient history. Many crystal-clear glacier lakes may be found there.


Pelling’s 7,200-foot elevation provides a breathtaking panorama of Kanchenjunga. The air is crisp and beautiful. You will be astonished by the stunning scenery.


A little hill station by the name of Jawhar is among the uncharted locations. This area, located near Thane, is well-known for its unique charm and lush woodland. There’s a certain quaintness about the site that you won’t want to miss.


Even though Raithal isn’t where most vacationers go, the tourism industry is booming there. Some of the main reasons it has become a tourist hotspot are the community programs, homestays, and honey-making.


Mechuka, a town in Arunachal Pradesh, is a popular tourist spot due to its proximity to several indigenous communities. The beauty of the River Siyom, however, is a major factor in its widespread renown. It is widely regarded as one of India’s most photogenic tourist spots. Learn about the traditions of a hitherto unvisited land.


Lambasingi, famous for its Dravidian civilization, offers a breathtaking panorama of the snow. Kashmiri of Andhra Pradesh is a peaceful highland area in southern India. All winter long, the village is blanketed in white. In addition, a small tribe calls this place home.


Narkanda’s environment is dotted with fruit orchards, including apple and cherry trees. Tourists and photographers alike will appreciate the scene’s aesthetic charm. You can go to the world’s most beautiful lake. Tanni Jubbar Lake, among other amazing locations.


The natural resources of Auli are extensive. It also has an unparalleled panorama of the countryside and hills beyond. There are many different kinds of trees, including pines, deodars, oaks, and others, in this hill station. It has the tallest artificial lake in the world.

Pabbar Valley

Pabbar Valley is Shimla’s undiscovered gem since it is not as well-known as other valleys in the area. Oak & deodar trees populate the area extensively. It has gorgeous summers and snowy winters.


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